Our Story

Sovereign Code is a Los Angeles based contemporary men’s and boys brand that was established in 2008 with three key elements in mind: fit, style, and quality. While keeping these three components in mind for our customer, we have been able to grow our brand on the best retail stores across America.

Sovereign Code is driven by the millennial guy’s lifestyle, taking cues from modern young men, and cool kids. As we grow, we continue to remember why this brand came to life, and what has kept us going: our passion for creating harmony between fashion and customer, while still pushing for more innovation and creative ways to deliver our clothing.

We connect with our customer on the grounds that we desire each piece, even the most basic tee, to have an aspect of interest or small details that uniquely set it apart from the other basic tees on the retail floor. We continue to reinvest in our product with the hope of creating classics in our customers wardrobes, as well as with gratitude for the hard working modern young men that inspires us everyday.